1. Entry shall be confined to paid up Affiliated Clubs
2. The competition shall be governed by General Committee. RULE No 3.
3. Each club entering shall be represented by twelve (12) players, (4 Triples). Two Rinks playing
on the Challengers Green and two Rinks playing on the Opponents Green. Changes in personnel
are permitted from round to round as desired. No club shall enter more than one team and no
player to represent more than one club in any one year.
4. The Draw shall be made and the date of each round fixed by the Management Committee. The
first named club in each tie being the Challenger. All ties up to the finals shall be played on or by
a mutual agreement before the date fixed by the Management Committee. The Final shall be
playedon the set date unless the Green is unfit for play on that date. in which case the
re-arranged game will be played on the date fixed by the Management Committee.
5. The Management Committee shall appoint two umpires for the Final.... One to attend each club
6. Three Rinks shall play Eighteen Ends, with the Forth Rink, being one of those playing on the
Challengers Green, playing NINETEEN ENDS. The extra end score MUST ONLY BE ADDED to the
combined scores in the event of A TIED RESULT SITUATION for the aggregate eighteen end scores
of all four rinks.
7. All matches must be played in GREYS with the exception of the FINAL which will be played in WHITES.
8. The result of each match in every round MUST be e mailed or telephoned to the competition
Secretary within 24 hours of the match completion. The match score cards will be signed by the
participating skips and kept byeach club in case of a dispute